SPG’s Visitor Management: How to Create a Safer Visitor Experience

When it comes to visitor management, every company wants a system that’s unique to their needs, office hours and appropriate to their staffing levels. Whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000, there are consistent best practices that help streamline and improve your visitor arrival and experience.
Common courtesy must ensure that visitors are attended to speedily and professionally and aren’t kept waiting. Additionally, they must be managed and for example not allowed to enter restricted areas without a proper escort. SPG’s Visitor Management solution can be quickly and efficiently deployed to meet your requirements as follows;

ARCO Visitor Management System

ARCO Visitor Management System (ViMS) is a software solution within the ARCO Platform designed for a quick and accurate identification of visitors in facilities with a high frequency of guests or a high level of safety requirements.

It communicates with the SPG ID Camera and inputs data to automatically populate visitor data fields and captures live photos using desktop cameras.

ARCO Visitor Kiosk

The ARCO Visitor Kiosk is a comprehensive solution designed to quickly and accurately identify visitors. It’s perfect for buildings with a high frequency of guests, where there are elevated safety requirements or where real-time temperature monitoring and reporting are required.

Visitor Kiosks are an effective way for organisations to enhance their visitor management strategy. With intelligent integration, ARCO Platform features high-speed image acquisition, face detection, face mask tracking, and human body temperature detection. Compatible with any modern smart device with the latest browser technology, the ARCO Visitor Kiosks is configurable to match your every requirement.

Contact us at info@spgcontrols.com and tell us how we can help you safely manage your visitors.

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