Taking the temperature of remote Data Centres – Monitoring & Management with SPG Controls

Data Centres are among the most important components in modern IT infrastructures, hosting websites, web services, and web applications that we use on a daily basis. Social networking, media streaming, software as a service (SaaS), and other activities wouldn’t be possible without the use of web servers. And with cloud computing growing fast-moving more services online, web server monitoring is only becoming more important.

SPG Controls offers the perfect management system for Data Center temperature monitoring. Our ARCO Solution can easily be configured to send you and your team alerts when Data Center temperature and humidity values rise or fall.

The SPG Sensor interface card provides an easy expansion for an S1000 Smart Controller to provide analogue sensing information to be collected and then used to make local decisions as well as passing to ARCO Platform for logging. The Sensor device runs on OSDP communication, and up to 16 devices can connect to an S1000 Smart Controller.
Each sensor board supports onboard Temperature and Humidity, Light detection and an Accelerometer for movement detection. Each board has digital/analogue inputs and outputs to support the integration and monitoring of third-party devices.
Also available are optional expansions for Air Pressure, Smoke or Hazardous Gas as well as IR Remote Control capabilities.

SPG Controls suggested system configuration.

  • Ethernet /Wi-Fi/4G/3G/2G
  • Air Conditioning Rule-set Automation
  • Full Battery Backup
  • System Operational at Extreme Temperature and Humidity
  • Fan/Cooling Failure Detection
  • Water/Flood Detection
  • Physical Attack Detection Vibration / Explosion etc.
  • Temperature / Humidity / Light Monitoring
  • Hazardous Gas Detection
  • Full Access Control including Dual Card Control
  • Video snapshots on Alarm

Contact us at info@spgcontrols.com and tell us how we can help you secure your Server System.

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