Advanced Reports Navigation

ARCO enables you to more Advanced Reports to access a full range of data elements that report information such as User Access, Environmental Patterns or Alarm Status.

  • Search bar – Enables you to search for specific Reports by their name.

  • Add Report – Enables you to add new Reports in ARCO. The next section will discuss the full details about adding Reports.

  • Import Reports – Enables you to upload a report file.

  • Report filter – Click to open and close panels for each Report type available.

  • Report Panel – Displays the details of the Report. Click on a panel to view a report.

    -> Rename – Click the pen to edit the name of the report
    -> Export – Click the arrow to download the report (repx) file.

  • Report Options – Displays the details of the Report. Click to view the information.

    -> View – Display the Report.
    -> Edit – Modify the Report parameters.
    -> Export– Download the report (repx) file.
    -> Delete – Remove the report panel.