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Dashboard Management

ARCO enables you to configure the data display and layout of the Dashboard. A Dashboard can be made available for Roles, Sites or Alarms.

  • Dashboard Type – Select the dashboard display list.

    -> For Roles – Dashboard display assigned to user roles.
    -> For Sites – Dashboard display for site details.
    -> For Alarms – Dashboard display for Alarm warnings.
    -> Marker Templates – Create custom Sitemap Icons.

  • Search bar – Enables you to search for specific users by name their Username, First name or Last name.

  • Dashboard Details – Display information about the dashboard.

  • Control Buttons – Enables you to copy, edit or view dashboards. The next section will discuss the full details about editing dashboards.

    -> Copy– Create then edit a copy of a dashboard.
    -> Edit – Modify the dashboard.
    -> View – Display a preview of the dashboard.

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