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Appendix A – Glossary of Terms


Alarm Confirmation TimeDuration of time an alarm signal is received before an alarm message triggered.
Analog  A continuous signal for which the time-varying feature.


BLE Access PointControls the Bluetooth receiver of the S1000 Control Panel


CredentialRepresents some form of identification.   The most common form will be the byte representation of raw card data, as scanned by a reader when swiping a card or typing a PIN.
Contact IDAdemco alarm communications protocol.


DashboardProvides graphical and geographical screens provide easy management and data consolidation showing the current and historical status of your system.
DigitalA signal in which the original information is converted into a string of bits before being transmitted.


Ethernet (TCP)Transmission Control Protocol cable connection.
Ethernet (UDP)User Datagram Protocol cable connection.


GPRS (TCP)Transmission Control Protocol mobile connection.
GPRS (UDP)User Datagram Protocol mobile connection.


Logical IDThe unique identifier assigned to a device connected to the S1000 Smart Controller.


Navigation PanelLinks to different sections for each module can consistently be found on the left side of the screen.


PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network connection.
Pulse CounterA signal pulses during a specified amount of time.


Quick AccessCommands displayed when hovering the mouse pointer over an item or information.


RoleControl how and what people can access on your system
Role CapabilitiesCapability to perform certain ARCO features are assigned to specific Operator Roles.


Search barEnables you to search for specific information in different ARCO Platform interface. The search bar automatically starts searching after typing at least four characters.
Suspect Activation CounterThe number of times an alarm trigger will send before it stops.
SIASecurity Industry Association alarm communications protocol.
SitesDifferent locations in your system.


WiFi (TCP)Transmission Control Protocol wireless connection.
WiFi (UDP)User Datagram Protocol wireless connection.
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